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Featured Photos

Below is one of many photographs that have been submitted to the Pinellas County Water Atlas.

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What's New on the Atlas

See what the Water Atlas team has been working on lately.
  • We're always working on improvements to the Water Atlas. When we release new features you'll find them here.
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How Can You Help?

Below you'll find ways that you can contribute to the Water Atlas and your community.
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Links to current surveys at Survey Monkey for the Water Atlas.
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Current Atlas Statistics

View some important indices for the Pinellas County Water Atlas that are kept up-to-date in real-time.
Current Pinellas County Water Atlas Statistics
Statistic Value
Number of Waterbodies164
Number of Data Providers38

Welcome to the Water Atlas

The goal of this site is to provide a comprehensive data resource, eventually covering the State of Florida, that helps citizens and scientists alike make informed decisions concerning our vital water resources.

New Fertilizer Ordinance

Pinellas County's new fertilizer ordinance is intended to protect the quality of surface waters that receive discharge from our stormdrain system. It regulates landscape maintenance practices and the sale and use of fertilizers containing nitrogen and/or phosphorus within Pinellas County. Click here to find out more »

Stormwater Education

The best way to protect water quality is to avoid polluting it in the first place. Learn what steps you can take on your property to prevent contamination of stormwater runoff. Click here to find out more »

Check out the Adopt-A-Pond Program

Adopt-A-Pond helps residents learn to restore and maintain their neighborhood stormwater ponds by providing the resources and expertise they need to successfully do so. Click here to find out more »

Take a Watershed Excursion!

Explore each of our nine watersheds by learning about interesting places within them. Read about the experiences of others, and see their photos. Have a favorite place? Tell your story here!

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Jump to a Topic

The Water Atlas has extensive and valuable information about each of the topics listed below. To discover more about a topic, choose it from the drop-down menu.

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Popular Tools

The following links will direct you to the most popular and helpful applications available on the Atlas.
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Current Events

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