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A L Anderson Parkdoc_html0Pinellas County Park Department5475This park serves the north county area and offers individual and group picnicking facilities, play equipment, and a boat launching facility. The park is characterized by hilly terrain, wooded areas, and beautiful vistas overlooking Salmon Bay and Lake Tarpon.
Fishing Sites and Forecasts - Southwest Floridadoc_html0Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission1006650This website provides quarterly forecasts for major fishing areas and general descriptions of a wide variety of fishing sites listed by county.
Florida Fish Consumption Advisories (2015)2015doc_html0Florida Department of Health422Advisories inform the public that high concentrations of chemical contaminants have been found in local fish and wildlife and include recommendations to limit or avoid consumption of certain fish and wildlife species from specific waterbodies.
John Chesnut Sr. Park doc_html0Pinellas County Park Department5474John Chesnut Sr. Park was picture built in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It covers approximately 255 acres and is conveniently located near communities of Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs, serving north Pinellas County. Additionally, residents of Pasco and Hillsborough counties utilize this park. It is situated immediately adjacent Lake Tarpon.
Lake Tarpon Information CenterorgLake Tarpon Information Center5527Provides information including water quality, recreation, photos, information for residents and a history of Lake Tarpon.