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Lake Seminole Park

History/Orientation: Lake Seminole Park covers more than 250 acres and is centrally located to several communities, including St. Petersburg, Seminole, Largo, and Pinellas Park. It is located immediately adjacent Lake Seminole.

Facilities include: Thirteen picnic shelters (may be reserved 365 days per year, up to one year in advance.) A boat ramp with spaces for vehicles/ trailers. Grills, picnic tables, playground, water fountains, and restrooms. This park provides pleasant amenities for over one million visitors each year.

Features: Lake Seminole Park is a designated wildlife habitat and sanctuary. Raccoons, alligators, various waterfowl, hawks, bald eagles, black vultures, tortoises/turtles, snakes, etc. reside in this park, and provide many pleasant hours for nature enthusiasts and families. The park has a 2-mile multi-use trail (jogging, hiking, bicycling/rollerblading) that winds through a pine flatwoods. A 1-mile cut-off is available for those less vigorous. Lake Seminole affords hours of pleasure for boaters, jet skiers, water-skiing, fishing, etc. A softball field and volleyball courts are available on a first come, first served basis. Benches and swings are strategically situated for relaxing views of the several ponds and the lake. Weddings are popular at this park, especially in two locations that provide beautiful photo-ops for the wedding album--a wooden bridge near Shelter #2 at the front of the park, and at Shelter #5 which is built over a small pond.

Safety & protection for all: Pets and service dogs are welcome--must be on 6'
leash. An abundance of wildlife roam throughout the park; however, they are protected and may not be hunted, harassed, or fed. Additionally, it is illegal to remove, damage, or destroy plants. Swimming, intoxicants and firearms are prohibited in the park.

10015 Park Blvd. (74th Ave. N.)
Seminole FL 33777
Phone: 727.549.6156
Fax: 727.549.6158