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Tropical Storm Debby affects Pinellas beaches

GULF BEACHES – A preliminary beach erosion report by Dr. Ping Wang of USF’s Dept of Geology shows significant erosion along the beaches. The report covers conditions as of June 25 for Long Key, Treasure Island and Sand Key except for Sand Key’s northern 8,000 to 9,000 feet of shoreline.

About one mile of this northern portion of Sand Key was recently nourished and thus escaped severe dry beach and dune damage from the storm.

Severe erosion occurred at nearly all Pinellas Beaches inspected by USF yesterday with the most significant dry-beach and dune erosion occurring on the most narrow beaches prior to the storm .

The report contains photographic documentation of the extent of storm damage, with commentary.

USF will be doing beach surveys soon to assess exact sand volume losses once the storm clears the region.