Water-Related News

August proclaimed Water Quality Month

The Board of County Commissioners proclaimed August as Water Quality Month in Pinellas County at their regular meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 1. Citing the many invaluable bodies of water surrounding and throughout Pinellas County, along with noting that clean drinking water is one of our most important human rights, Chair Janet. C. Long delivered the proclamation, adding her appreciation of county staff’s work to preserve and conserve the precious resource.

“Not only is it Water Quality Month in Pinellas County, it’s also a time to pause and thank our dedicated employees that work so hard to keep our lakes, streams, ponds and the Gulf and Bay clean for residents and visitors,” Long said. “Along with the employees that provide safe, clean and reliable drinking water every day to more than 900,000 residents and millions more tourists every year.”

Pinellas County’s strategic plan encompasses the goal of practicing superior environmental stewardship by protecting and improving the quality of our water, air and other natural resources. From investments in infrastructure projects to keep Lake Seminole and other water bodies clean and healthy, to the new facilities at the S.K. Keller Drinking Water Treatment Plant that improve water quality for customers, Pinellas County is doing things every day to improve water quality.

In addition, funding from the Penny for Pinellas has supported more than 160 infrastructure projects to keep our lakes, bays and Gulf healthy as well as protecting our citizens from flooding, and would continue these investments in the future if renewed, preventing sewer overflows and protecting our waterways.

For more detailed information about Pinellas County’s investment in water quality improvement projects with Penny for Pinellas funds, visit www.pinellascounty.org/penny. For more information about Pinellas County Utilities, visit www.pinellascounty.org/utilities.