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Brooker Creek Headwaters Nature Preserve

There are two entrances to the Brooker Creek Headwaters Preserve Nature Walk. I took the one on the east side of the preserve off of Ramblewood Dr. There is a large sign there and a sign on Ramblewood Dr. pointing to the parking lot.  The parking lot is small but it seems adequate. My dog Freckles and I disembarked here and set off with camera and GPS in hand to explore.

I found the trail was flooded which may be expected during the summer rainy season. The preserve functions as the headwaters to the creek after all. Since I came to see how Brooker Creek was formed, I decided a little water would not stop me. Freckles though walking in the woods was great no matter what he walked through. So we set off. The trail was not flooded the whole way to the creek only about half the way. Along the way we saw indications of a transitional wetland. Maidencane was seen along the edges of the trail as well as ferns and cat tail. We also saw black berry bushes and pines and other upland plants. You could hear the wildlife but I did not see any except butter fly and spiders. All in all we had a nice, but wet stroll in the woods.

At this time of year Brooker Creek is flowing rapidly even in the upper region. The creek goes under the trail in a series of pipes. Several small streams enter all along it route. I would recommend the trail for walks during the dry season and early parts of the wet season.