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A Visit to John Chestnut

Northern Pinellas County heralds several parks, one being John Chesnut. I entered into John Chesnut park for a relaxing trek, it was a partial cloudy day and the sun peeked through at times. I was surprised to read the information stations which claimed "The Invaders are taking over.” Upon closer examination the story was revealed to be about exotic species of plants (those not native to Florida) which are expanding on their own among the Florida plant communities and causing severe environmental damage.

While walking along the water's edge I discovered a cypress knee stump which bore a great resemblance to a Native American Chief's head and face, such a peculiar discovery in that Native Americans believe that trees and plants do possess spirits. I couldn't help watching a black anhinga sun himself so his wings would dry from the morning dew. He seemed to be displaying a proud boast to anyone looking if as much to say "Yes look at me, am I not a prime example of my species." Just then a particular nosy squirrel decided to cross my path as if he was determined to have his photo taken. Aside from his bravery in posture I am sure that he was looking for a handout inasmuch as payment for the photo shoot session that followed.

The wooden walkways along the lake's edge are inviting for one to gather their thoughts and catch a glimpse of forest birds and water fowl. I was observing a mallard skimming for food and was surprised that my presence did not stop his activity, he must have been really hungry. The boat ramp was clean and well kept and provides a nice launch to set upon the lake, I thought to myself I must come back to John Chesnut park with a small johnboat to explore the lake and capture some otherwise inaccessible sights from the water. What a great day I experienced in one of our own county parks.