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A Visit to the Brooker Creek Education Center

My wife, daughter, granddaughter, grandsons and I visited Brooker Creek last summer.  I have watched the education center as it was designed, built and opened two years ago and I knew it was a first class job.  But it was not until I saw the delight in my grandkids eyes as they saw the buildings set within the wetland and viewed the many exhibits in the main building that I realized how truely wonderful it was.  One of the main attractions was the gopher turtle tunnel.  My grandson Jimmy got a kick out of climbing through the tunnel and observing how these grand turtles live.  My granddaughter Rachael enjoyed the displays showing the types of wetlands and how development can impact wetlands.  My youngest grandson, Charlie enjoyed dressing up in the histroy area and we all enjoyed the story vision the described how the area was first inhabited and developed.  All in all we had a great time.  I recommend this to anyone who wants to better understand Florida wetlands and watershed or just wants to have a great time.