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A Weekend in My Watershed at Brooker Creek

One of the more interesting activities that occur at the Brooker Creek Preserve Education Center is the Weekend in My Watershed Activity that is sponsored by Pinellas County, the Southwest Florida Water Management District and the Florida Lake Management Society.  I attended the last event and I loved every minute of it.  We began by a great BBQ dinner and social activity where the attendees and presenters and staff at the center got to know each other and learn more about the event.  The evening sessions began soon after this with talks and discussions on habitat, a aquatic plant identification laboratory and learning about critters that we might see in the wetlands that surround the center.  The last event of the evening was a "Frog Walk" to both listen to and view frogs in their natural habitat. 

The next morning we began with early coffee and a bird walk.  This was followed by breakfast and more socializing and some free time to explore the center.  The sessions began with watershed education and progressed to a field activity on wetland geology.  Then it was time for lunch and more socializing and free time.  The afternoon was devoted to putting what we learned to action in a series of team exercises.

This was a great way to learn about and enjoy the Education Center.  I recommend it to anyone who is interested in wetlands and wetland habitat or who just wants to have an enjoyable weekend in a wonderfully complex and interesting watershed.